The advantage of both vinyl and concrete pools are that they are ‘custom’ built, so you can have any size and shape pool or spa. Vinyl is often chosen for for the easy maintenance and soft touch finish, whereas concrete is structurally stronger and can have a tile finish.

Contact Chris to discuss the options between concrete and vinyl for your pool.

The smallest pool we’ve built has been 2m x 2m. 

Reflections Pools are licensed, fully insured and members of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA– the national pool industry body).

Most residential pools these days are salt water pools, as they generally require less maintenance so people tend to prefer them.   The salt cell converts salt in the water to chlorine, so as long as there is salt in your pool water and your equipment is running, chlorinated water is going into your pool, which gives peace of mind.  You can even have self-cleaning salt cells, so whilst your salt cell is keeping the pool chlorinated, it is also keeping itself clean!

However, commercial pools are required to have a chlorine system.  Either way, we’re experienced with both salt water and chlorine systems and will be able to help you decide what is best for you.

Fully tiled internal finish colours can be seen here: Bisazza Australia and CT Supplies

Plaster internal finish colours are here: Rainbow Quartz  

Vinyl liner internal finish colours are here: Walco

You might, depending upon things like how close you wish to build your pool to the dividing fence.  Once we see the site, and discuss options for design and construction with you, we’ll be able to advise whether your neighbours will be impacted, and therefore whether you’ll need their approval.

For an existing house, once the design and applications are approved, we generally allow 8 weeks for construction. Some pools will need longer if they’re a more complex build.

If your pool is for a house under construction, there may be other construction events that will impact the pool build.  However, we generally recommend that for new houses, we dig the hole for the pool, construct the shell and secure the area for safety before the house begins to be built.  This means easier access for the bobcat to dig the pool out, which keeps the costs down for you.  Once your house is built, we then finish the pool internal surface and equipment as that way debris from the house build does not adversely affect your new pool finish.

We’ll be able to give you a clearer timeline once we’ve seen your plans.  We also have a good history of liaising with builders – which means minimum hassle for you, and a fantastic pool!

Yes. If something goes wrong with your pool, we’ll fix it. Standard conditions apply, such as the issue not being caused by product or workmanship.

In order, they are:

  1. Designing the pool to suit your needs and wishes
  2. Applications and approvals with your Council, the Water Authority and for commercial and apartment pools, with the Health Department
  3. Excavation
  4. Construction of shell
  5. Plumbing of pool and pool equipment
  6. Internal Finish (ie tiling, plastering or liner installation)
  7. Header course around top of the pool and other paving/landscaping works

Yes, we are fully insured for both Workers Compensation and Public Liability. Reflections is a SPASA (Swimming Pool & Spa Association) member, and have completion guarantee.

Reflections also does regular servicing/maintenance for apartment and residential pools.  This is also what makes us great at building pools – we know what issues can be avoided years down the track by a thoughtful build in the first place. 

More information on our regular servicing is available on: What We do – Maintenance


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