What we do

Reflections Pools offers our Perth customers Design, Construction, Renovation and Maintenance. Click on an icon below for more information on the type of work we do, or visit the Gallery for photos of our work


Reflections Pools can help you to design the perfect pool for your family, apartment building or business. 

Come to us with your ideas, or call and ask us for ours, we have over 30 years of experience in designing beautiful, functional, custom built pools and spas in every kind of location. We work closely with our clients, and also with architects, builders and landscape designers to ensure that our designs meet every expectation.


The team at Reflections Pools has been constructing award winning concrete and vinyl residential and commercial pools in Perth for over 30 years.

We specialise in difficult and demanding locations, and in creating beautifully designed and built swimming pools with complex construction needs. We manage all the council approval requirements and processes, so you never need to worry about the paperwork. Our workmanship is second to none.  We are fully licensed and insured and we’re passionate about giving our clients the best possible solution with our custom built swimming pools.


Reflections Pools are fully experienced and expert renovators of concrete and vinyl swimming pools in Perth.

If your swimming pool is looking a bit tired, or is in need of an upgrade, we can help you bring your pool back to its glory days. If your pool has cracks, chips and is damaged or worn, this can impact not only your enjoyment of your pool, but also increase your maintenance and chemical expenses.

Reflections Pools offers a site inspection to identify your concrete, vinyl swimming or fibreglass pool needs. Our history in swimming pool renovation and repair services means that we provide practical ideas, options and solutions. We do everything from a simple refresh of the internal finish to re-designing your pool to change the size, height, add internal steps or just modernise your pool and paving.


Keeping it in the best condition possible is easier than you think. Reflections Pools offer a comprehensive swimming pool and spa technical consultancy that covers the structural, hydraulic, filtration, sanitation and self-cleaning requirements for all residential, commercial and apartment building swimming pool systems.

A regular service includes;

  • cleaning the pool
  • servicing the pool equipment at the time as required (fixing small issues such as leaks, cleaning salt cells etc. at the time of service, as necessary)
  • chemically testing the pool water
  • adding the chemicals necessary to balance the pool.

We will advise and provide a quotation for any larger issues that require work.

As part of having a regular service, if there are any issues or queries your pool or pool equipment between services, we are happy to be contacted seven days a week – see our testimonial for when one of our regular clients had a pool pump stop working at Christmas.

A regular service gives you peace of mind for your pool and gives you back your weekends. 

Because we try to keep the cost for your regular service down, we price individually, depending on your pool setup and frequency of service to give you the best deal.  Contact us for a quotation.

Other services we offer are;

  • All equipment repairs, supplies and installations
  • Insurance work
  • Written pool and equipment inspection reports (useful when negotiating to buy a property with a pool to understand the condition of the pool and equipment)


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